Connect Mi 34 curved ultra-wide screen to a MacBook Pro

I bought a Mi 34 curved ultra-wide screen recently and planned to connect to my MacBook as the main screen for daily using. However, this screen is not one of the Apple native compatible screen. There are some issues when you connect it to a MacBook without any configuration.

Therefore, I am writing this article to record that what issues I got so far and what tools and configurations can solve them.

The issues are:

  1. Way too bright on the screen, looks pale.
  2. Wrong resolution and only 60Hz refresh rate when using a DisplayPort cable.

Choose a right cable and expansion hub

Before this monitor, I used a normal 1080P monitor with a normal HDMI and a USB-C extension hub, and everything just works fine. After I switched to the new screen with the same connection method, the resolution can reach 3440x1440 but only with a 50 Hz refresh rate.

After testing with different device and cable. I confirmed the expansion hub does not support a higher bandwidth for a higher refresh rate.

Then I just went to Amazon to get a USB-C to DP cable.

Issue solved.

Just too bright

I connect my new screen with my new received DP cable.

Aghaaa… the screen is just too bright, everything looks very pale. Just feel that there is a white cloth just covered on my screen.

But don’t worry, I guess this monitor has some aspects did not go well with Apple’s colour control. Simple uncheck the “High Dynamic Range”, then everything goes normal, phew.

Still some colour differences, but won’t affect daily use
Still some colour differences, but won’t affect daily use
Still having some colour differences, but won’t affect daily use.

Wanna a higher refresh rate

OK, now the “bright” issue is solved, but the refresh rate is still at 60 Hz. What should I do now?

After some searches on the Internet, turns out that MacBook did not support 2K display well. So you might need to do some hacky thing in the system to force it get enabled.

I used a mini app call “EasyRes”, it can adjust the resolution very easy.

Just choose the resolution and refresh rate you’d like to have

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